Self-Publishing and Printing a Successful Photography Book with Mixam

Mon 03rd Apr, 2023 – Mon 03rd Apr, 2023

Posted by APA New York

Photography and the print industry have a longstanding history of cultivating joy. An indescribable magic occurs when someone sees their photos printed in a book for the first time. The undeniable weight and physical presence or the intimate act of flipping page-by-page perhaps evokes emotion.

For many, printing a photography book feels like a fever dream. And yet these books are accessible now more than ever in the self-publishing world. Anyone can print a book and a successful one at that. This conversation will center around how to self-publish and print a photography book with Mixam. We will discuss the benefits of self-publishing and the nuances of print.

Mixam is a leading online printing platform that sells customizable products globally - making a process like printing easy, accessible and affordable. With competitive pricing, premium printing materials and pro customer service, our digital and offset printing solutions combine the expertise of our print experts with the latest printing technology.

This webinar will be held on Zoom, and it's FREE! 

Speaker Bio: Natalie Stellato 
Italian-American photographer Natalie Stellato synthesizes her job in the print industry with her passion for self-publishing. Growing up in the Midwest, she spent many hours of her youth exploring desolate, liminal spaces left behind by the late-20th-century consumerism which dominated her exurban hometown. Exploring these spaces led Natalie to pick up a camera inadvertently as a form of documentation and self-exploration. At twenty, she self-published her first photography book.

She began work as a Mixam Print Specialist three weeks after graduating from Dominican University. When she's not reviewing files or helping customers with their book specs, Natalie works on her own creative projects. In 2021, she joined friends in a community-based art collective called Pink Slip Zine, which currently publishes the works of 50+ artists in a bi-annual print publication.




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