Funding Your Personal Photography Projects: Resources To Get You Started

Sun 12th Mar, 2023

Posted by APA New York

When you are trying to get a special, uncommissioned photography project off the ground, funding it can often feel like a tall hurdle to get past. But there are organizations, some private, some public, who offer funding to artists - and they just might be looking to underwrite a project like yours! 

There are some organizations looking to fund particular projects; others offer funding to help artists keep working in general. We know two photographers who have gotten grants recently, and in both cases the funding has been a real game-changer for their photography practices. 

But how do you find this funding? Below are some resources to get you started: 

Call for Applications: Get Started on Your New Project by Fundraising with NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship: Fiscal Sponsorship is a fundraising and administrative tool that allows your project to use NYFA’s 501c3 nonprofit status to fundraise for your own project. You must hae a specific project to apply. Get all the details here on the NYFA website.  The No-Fee Deadline: March 31

Funding Resource: The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs: They work with individual artists through the Percent for Art program, and other programs. Get more info about fellowship opportunities in the five boroughs of New York City here on their website.

Funding Resource: New York Media Arts Map: This website lists 241 different funding opportnities (in chronological order, by deadline), for artists, including photographers. Get the list here on the NYSCA website.

Funding Resource: Yo Philly! Here’s a great resource for you: The Philadelphia Cultural Fund. They offer all kinds of grants for artists. Get more info here on their website.

Funding Resource: The State of New Jersey also has a ‘highly competitive' grant program. Unfortunately the deadline for 2023 funding has already passed, but check them out so you can apply for next year. Get more info here on the New Jersey State website.

Foundation Research Resource: The New York Public Library has the most extensive list of foundations offering grants to individuals. Connect here via the New York Public Library website.  You can also access at the NYPL branches listed on the website and get the assistance of the business librarians.

As you might gather from the resources listed about, there is a lot of research to be done - but that is because there are so many options available to you! Whatever funding road you choose to go down, good luck and let us know how you do!




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