Growing Your Career and Creativity with Personal Projects

Wed 18th Jan, 2023 – 7:00pm–8:30pm

Posted by APA New York


  • Chris Sorensen




Life as a freelance photographer often means you’re not shooting exactly what or as often as you’d like. Personal projects are a great way to fill this time and fulfill yourself creatively. And they can also help generate the work you wish you were doing.  In this seminar, award-winning celebrity and editorial photographer Chris Sorensen will talk about how he has used personal projects to build his career and refine his creative process.

Chris presented this event in-person at our recent week-long event at Soho Photo Gallery, and it was so fantastic, we immediately wanted to present it again on Zoom so that more of you could see it. It is, quite possibly, the finest talk on personal projects that we’ve seen! 

In addition to showing you the images from his personal projects, Chris delves into his intentions and goals, his process, and the tangible results acheived. This talk is a must see!

Chris Sorensen is a New York-based photographer shooting celebrity and editorial portraiture, travel, and documentary work who was lucky to escape the corporate world and find photography where he gets to make pictures of interesting faces and beautiful places. He’s been privileged to be selected for American Photography six times, chosen for the Communication Arts Photo Annual four times including Best in Show in 2022, awarded by the International Photography Awards, honored by PDN twice, and recognized by APA.  Clients have included American Way, Hemispheres, ESPN the Magazine, MONEY, Wine Spectator, Popular Mechanics, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Washington Post Magazine, and InStyle.




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