October 27: Apple Lecture with William Vazquez

Mon 27th Oct, 2014 – Mon 27th Oct, 2014

Posted by Andrew H. Kim


Date: Monday, October 27th, 2014


SoHo Apple Store (103 Prince Street)

Whether shooting a peanut farm in Haiti, driving through a raging Chicago winter or racing across Ho Chi Minh on a tuk-tuk loaded with all my equipment, I adapt to whatever’s thrown at me so I can be open and present when it comes time to capture images of the fleeting moments when we connect.

Going to places I have never been, figuratively or literally, is one of my favorite things. And I feel lucky that the range of clients and projects I have worked with for the past two decades has allowed me to shoot in five continents and meet all kinds of people: scientists, farmers, businesspeople, orphans, doctors, community activists, families, monks.

Growing up in multicultural New York City gave me the foundation to feel comfortable in any setting, whether or not I speak the language of my subjects. At 18, I ditched electrical engineering when I discovered photography and spent a summer in Paris, followed by some study in Parsons School of Design. But what shaped me the most as a photographer was old-fashioned apprenticeship, as assistant to photographers who showed me how to create images that look effortless even when working in the toughest situations.



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