November 17: Image Maker Apple Lecture with Sarah Kehoe

Mon 17th Nov, 2014 – Mon 17th Nov, 2014

Posted by Andrew H. Kim

Date: Monday, November 17th, 2014


SoHo Apple Store (103 Prince Street)

 Sarah Kehoe is in pursuit of the perfect photo shoot and wants to share her experiences from that endeavor.

With a rich background in photography, Sarah’s work evokes a sense of joy and sophistication that is bright, sometimes subtle and always full of life. Sarah received a BFA in Photography from NYU and has spent the last past 15 years working to create memorable experiences both on and off the camera.

The Journey: Sarah will shed light on how she captures the perfect image and discuss her belief that great stories are born when all who are involved have a memorable experience in the process. This philosophy has played a key role in her growth as an artist and professional.

The Creative Process: Sarah’s success as a commercial photographer has been attributed to her meticulous creative process, which is a steady mix of play, collaboration and exploration. Discover how she came to an understanding of what works for her and how she continues to evolve.

The Crew & Clients: Sarah will share stories about her most successful photo shoots, how she has worked to instill comfort and confidence in her clients, crew and models, and explain who has been instrumental in helping her get to where she is today.

Sarah is honored and grateful to have an opportunity to share her experiences. She invites you to come with your curiosity and questions pertaining to commercial photography, managing photoshoots, the creative process, daily best practices and anything else that has been on your mind as a creative person.

Sarah is a commercial photographer represented by Kate Ryan, Inc.

You can discover more about Sarah and her work here:

Personal Website:

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Instagram: @sarahkehoe



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