NOVEMBER 19: Apple Lecture, Maggie Soladay presents Salaam Garage

Mon 19th Nov, 2012 – Mon 19th Nov, 2012

Posted by Andrew H. Kim

Maggie Soladay:

Shoot Photos, Cause Change

From the SalaamGarageNYC Aging-Out of Foster Care in NY project; Brandon by Robert Hooman, Nefertiti by Amelia Coffaro, Linda by Ian Spanier.

Monday, November 19, 2012


SoHo Apple Store (103 Prince St)

Free Admission (seating is limited)

*no advance registration is required

SalaamGarageNYC chapter chief, producer and photography editor Maggie Soladay speaking about how to make positive social change happen through photography.  Sharing photography from the current and ongoing Aging-Out of Foster Care in NY project and other SalaamGarage humanitarian media projects.

Maggie Soladay is an editorial photography editor, producer, and photographer based in NYC.  She is a passionate activist, using her knowledge of the old and new media to tackle the world’s humanitarian and environmental problems.  Maggie believes everyone has a calling to give back to the communities they care about. And photographers and journalists have a special duty:  “We can be officers of justice and social change by putting our media skills to use for good.”

Soladay will has launched SalaamGarage Local:NYC with it’s first project, Aging Out of Foster Care in NYC.



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