The APA/NY 20th Anniversary Exhibition & Silent Auction

Tue 11th Jun, 2002 – Tue 11th Jun, 2002

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20th Anniversary Exhibition Raises Funds and Builds Community

The APA/NY 20th Anniversary Exhibition & Silent Auction held at Soho Triad Fine Arts on June 11, was a huge success thanks to generous contributions of artwork and merchandise from 91 photographers and 22 partners in the photo industry.

"It's great to see the enthusiasm and desire of our members to get involved in APA New York," said Peter Ogilvie, Chairman of the Board of Directors of APA/NY. "Our organization is vital and I feel we're on our way to creating a greater sense of community."

Jill Corson, President and CEO of APA/NY, reported positive financial news to members of the Board of Directors at the Board's June meeting.

"Thanks to the contributions of artists, corporate partners and patrons who purchased artwork, this fundraiser provided nearly $27,000 in gross earnings for APA/NY," Corson said. " We raised more than $15,700 through the cash contributions and merchandise donations of our corporate sponsors. In addition, we raised more than $11,200 through the sale of artwork donated by APA/NY members and other artists in the New York photo community.

"This fundraiser has helped to ensure that New York's photo community can continue to rely on APA/NY as an ally, an advocate and a resource for imaging professionals," Corson said. "I'm really pleased."

Within 20 minutes of opening the doors to the one-night exhibition, Soho Triad had a packed house to celebrate the 20th anniversary of APA/NY.

"I'm grateful to each artist who donated a photograph for the exhibition, and for the members who volunteered their time to help hang the show and staff the event," Corson said. "I'm also grateful to the corporate sponsors who made it possible to stage the event. Thank you for believing in us!"



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