Trends… A Hands-On Workshop (ECP)

Tue 15th Feb, 2011 – Tue 15th Feb, 2011

Posted by Andrew H. Kim

In a follow-up event to Karen D’Silva’s hugely popular panel discussion at Shoot NYC in October, Durinda Underwood and Villislava Petrova join Karen D’Silva once again to help you learn how to understand trends and create images that resonate.

Ever wonder why clients like the images they do? And (more importantly) what will they like next? Learning how to analyze cultural ideas and social trends can be a driving force to your commercial photography business. The secret to creating images that resonate is simple, your images need to connect with people and the way they choose to live.

Trends: a hands on workshop is designed to make trending accessible and applicable to your everyday commercial work. Let’s take a step back for a minute and look at the advertising world. As marketers, their job is to take a product or service and sell it to the public. How do they do that? They research the customer base and make the “product”  a lifestyle necessity. No one just sells a cleaning product. What they sell is a greener solution to help the environment or a time saver encouraging you to spend more time with your family. When a campaign holds meaning for the customer, the product goes from wanting it to needing it. Understanding trends helps you create images that speak the same language as the marketers. When you can apply a trend to your work, the image feels authentic and contemporary.

On February 9th, come spend the morning with three trend/market specialists. The first hour will be filled with breaking down three trends influencing today’s marketplace (HERITAGE, TRANSPARENCY, and CINEMATIC). We’ll also address the basics of BRANDING and how your personal brand combined with your vision can fit into the commercial world. Once you understand the trends and their attributes, we are ready to brainstorm. You’ll be split into groups and introduced to 9 different stations designed to get your creative juicing pumping. At the end of the exercise, you’ll have a sketchbook full of ideas to inspire and energize your business. This is about to learning to think outside the box, collaborating with other creatives, and having some fun.

When: Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where: Calumet, 22 West 22nd St, NY, NY

APA Members $60.00
Non- APA Members $100.00

Karen D’Silva is one of today’s most influential creatives within the commercial photography community. She is a founding partner at Karen D’Silva Creative Services, a trend, marketing & research company designed to help creatives understand the marketplace and create visual images with traction. Ms. D’Silva also co-founded Spark Visual Research, ran the creative department for Photonica NA, and built the first art direction departments for Image Bank and Getty Images. With a rich background in creative strategy, coaching, and art direction, Karen has contributed to some of the world’s top commercial photographers by instinctually leading creatives towards tomorrow’s marketplace demands.

Durinda Underwood is a creative strategist and founder of Frank, a content strategy company specializing in content mapping, branded content and micro branding. Durinda was part of the creative research team at Getty Images for over ten years, where she researched, developed and managed content mapping and growth of relevant content. Durinda’s diverse experience in the fields of photography, film making, design, and trend analysis have helped shape her into a unique creative in the sprawling worlds of digital media. Collaboration and inspiration are the cornerstones of her philosophy and these qualities enlighten her life on a daily basis.

Villislava Petrova is a widely recognized trend and color forecast specialist. Based in New York, Villislava splits her time between teaching Fashion Forecasting at Parsons School of Design and continuously studying and analyzing consumer and fashion trends as the Trends Editor at WGSN. Villislava works closely with some of the industry’s top clients on future trend prediction and implementation, seasonal strategy and creative direction.




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