July 25 - The Exhibition Lab Exhibition

Thu 25th Jul, 2019 – 6:00pm–8:00pm

Posted by Chairman APA/NY


Free for members


As photographers, we all have many great ideas for projects, but how many of us take those ideas to fruition, creating a coherent portfolio ready to hang on a gallery wall or as a published book? Ideas are easy. Creation and discipline are not. 

Join us for an exclusive evening at the Foley Gallery for the 2019 edition of “the Exhibition Lab Exhibition”, a group show featuring work by Farras Abdelnour, Bob Avakian, Aleya Lehmann Bench, Melissa Cate, Cindy Konits, Pierre-Yves Linot, Amy Montali, Gabriel Sacco, Ralph Salomon, Willy Somma, Gisella Sorrentino, Bill Westheimer and Ruth Wetzel.

Michael Foley will lead a discussion with artists in the show about the process of going from idea to exhibition. ExLab Artists will stand before their photographs and explain how working for five months in a salon environment helped them take their project to a place where not only was it ready for exhibition, but also taught them as artists how to properly communicate the reasons behind their work.

 Photo Credit: Ruth Wetzel

Special thanks to the Foley Gallery,  Paul B. Goode & The Photo Group for partnering with APA on this event.

Artist that will be in attendance will be:

  • Farras Abdelnour
  • Pierre-Yves Linot
  • Ralph Salomon
  • Gisella Sorrentino
  • Ruth Wetzel 





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