Pricing and Marketing Strategies for Fine Art Photography with Thomas Werner

Thu 14th Mar, 2024 – 7:00pm–8:30pm

Posted by APA New York

Soho Photo Gallery, 15 White Street, Tribeca, NYC


Have you ever wondered why Andreas Gursky’s images of the Prada Star, 99 Cent Store and Rhein are considered fine art and sell for millions of dollars while your images are considered commercial or decorative photographs selling for much less?

The world of fine art photography is rapidly changing. Creating, pricing and properly marketing a body of fine art photographs can be instrumental in developing new revenue streams to support your business while at the same time keeping your vision fresh and alive.

During this talk we will discuss gallery, corporate, online, and interior design pricing as well as how to promote your work and gain visibility in the fine art market. We will also touch on bios and artist statements as part of your marketing. If you’ve ever been interested in understanding the world of fine art photography and opening new avenues for your work, this is an event that you can’t afford to miss.

Thomas Werner, former gallerist, international curator and fine art photographer, will share his experience about these topics and much more. He will also help you identify realistic goals in the fine art world, and how to maximize results based on those expectations.

Speaker Bio: Thomas Werner

Thomas is the author of the book The Business of Fine Art Photography, Routledge, New York, and The Fashion Image for Bloomsbury Publishing, London, with two more books in progress. He is the former owner of Thomas Werner Gallery in Manhattan’s Chelsea Art District, and past Photography Program Director at Parson’s School of Photography in New York. Thomas is also an instructor at the Santa Fe Workshops, an Editor at Large for JRK Magazine,a Paris based fashion and culture  magazine and website, founder of Thomas Werner Projects Podcast, and the Global Editorial Director at Les Loupes des Steppes Publishing. As an exhibiting artist he was represented by galleries in New York and Los Angeles, and his work was reviewed in The New Yorker Magazine.

Currently a creative consultant, Thomas works one on one with students, creatives, businesses, cultural institutions, and not for profits helping them refine their communications, and achieve their goals in fashion and fine arts. He lectures internationally on thetopicsof photography, fashion, innovation, education, and contemporary professional practices, with a series of pre-pandemic presentations and workshops in 6 cities across China. 

Learn more about Thomas on his Website, and Instagram feed. 




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