Oct. 21 - Exploring Intimacy and Vulnerability: Documenting the Familiar

Thu 21st Oct, 2021 – 7:00pm

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Documenting personal stories are as much about the photographer as they are about the subject. Nancy Borowick never planned to photograph her family, but when she found herself in the chemotherapy room with both of her parents who had been diagnosed with stage-4 cancers, she found that photography allowed her to process, heal and understand what was happening through a familiar context and in a language she could understand. The story she was living, and photographing, was not about cancer and death she realized, it was about life, love and family in contrast.

Nancy will share her intimate story, breaking down her journey and detailing her experiences as she wore the hats as both a daughter and a photographer, navigating 
through the struggles and the successes when turning the lens on your own life. She will reflect on her path from beginning to end, sharing her private and vulnerable journal of her family on world-wide stage, and the personal and professional lessons she learned along the way.

About the Speaker

Nancy Borowick is an internationally renowned photographer, author, teacher and speaker, bringing her personal story to universities, hospitals, oncology units and community groups around the world. Nancy is a graduate of the International Center of Photography and has exhibited her work in over 100 cities globally. Working regularly with the New York Times since 2013 and contributing to outlets such as National Geographic, Time Magazine, O the Oprah Magazine, the Washington Post and others, Nancy has told the intimate stories of people and places from every corner of the globe winning her major accolades and awards, including those from World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year International and most recently the 2018 Humanitarian Award from the organization Women That Soar for her photography and recent monograph, The Family Imprint. In 2019 she was selected as a new Sony Artisan of Imagery, awarded the title of 2019 Kickstarter Thought Leader and was nominated to the trustee board of the International Center of Photography.




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