Mar. 22 - The Art of Light: Storytelling Portraits

Mon 22nd Mar, 2021 – 7:00pm

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Portraiture is one of the most challenging and still one of the favorite topics in every photographer's career. Esteban Toro, Sony ambassador and travel photographer will share his experience documenting people in Africa, Asia and South America. How important is the light? How to face harsh light conditions? How to break the ice with unknown people that don't speak the same language? 

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About the speaker:

Esteban Toro is a travel photographer. Using photography as an excuse, he has travelled to more than forty countries around the world. His passion is to experience the world and capture it all with his camera. He is a Sony ambassador, represented by YellowKorner Gallery worldwide, a photography professor, leading many creative workshops, photography expeditions and conferences about his own work. He’s a contributing photographer for Adobe Lightroom, Getty Images and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

When Esteban is not photographing some remote country, he’s working in the studio, processing his photographs and researching about new places to visit and choosing his next adventure. Also, his professor career and photography curator work has turned him into a restless person who is always curious looking for new references to share with his students and photography lovers. This passion turned him into an international World Press Photo Global Talent nominator.

His work has been exhibited in many digital and printed magazines around the world, as well as collective and individual exhibitions, which has turned him into an important reference in the latinamerican photography field.




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