Howard Schatz, Photographer: Ideas and Inspiration

Mon 24th Jun, 2024 – 6:30pm–8:30pm

Posted by APA New York

Soho Photo Gallery, 15 White Street, Tribeca, NYC, 10013


Howard Schatz has had a long and remarkable career as a photographer, combining fine art  and commercial work with equal success. In fact, his personal projects have become gorgeous coffee table books, 24 of them with his newest books PAIRS!

How does he do it? He’s always thinking, working, experimenting and inventing. There is no off switch on Howard's creativity. Recently he informed an assembly of students, ”I want to do everything!” And he kind of has, and continues to do just that.

In this presentation, Howard will discuss the ideas and inspirations that lead to the creativity of the stunning images that have defined his remarkable career. He will convey what we think will be incredibly valuable lessons for any artist.

IN-PERSON event held at Soho Photo Gallery

Seating is limited. One seat per person.




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