Feb. 22 - Anatomy of Long Term Projects: panAFRICAproject

Mon 22nd Feb, 2021 – 7:00pm

Posted by APA New York

For much of Lou Jones's career, he has pursued complex personal assignments along with his commercial work: death row, Olympics, pregnancy, trade unions, etc. For the past few years, his studio has been traveling to Africa to document all 54+ countries on the continent. Not only is this overwhelmingly difficult but it requires every skill that a photographer can muster. 

The mission statement is to illuminate the modern, progressive nature of the countries, one-by-one, & show their unique character in a positive, non-colonialists visual portrait. Jones will talk about formulating the concept, logistics, fundraising & boots-on-the-ground. 

Jones will show the photographs, behind the scenes, how they utilized Kickstarter to raise money, how they harnessed social media to engage an audience, and how they published the first volume of books to pay for this effort. In a time of COVID where we cannot travel, they are still working diligently to advance the project.




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