JULY 15: Apple Lecture with Kitfox Valentin

Mon 15th Jul, 2013 – Mon 15th Jul, 2013

Posted by Andrew H. Kim

Monday, July 15, 2013


SoHo Apple Store (103 Prince Street)


From plain ol’ ‘pretty pictures’, through the development of a point of view, an expression, and a desire to communicate a feeling to an audience, self-taught imagemaker Kitfox Valentín discusses his evolution in the development of voice. Raised in a family of starving artists, Kitfox was a skinny child. a natural calling to the visual arts notwithstanding, he realized at a very young age that the arts were for fun, not for eating, and thus was made a firm decision to be a paleontologist… an archaeologist! or an anthropologist, a marine biologist? by the age of 9 he had to face the fact that those pursuits had no true purchase in the life of young Kitfox. but what then? certainly not the dreaded arts… he ventured forth, hither and yon, yonder and hith, in search of inspiration and a calling, not realizing until it was too late, what was sneaking up behind him. Upon giving in to the siren’s song of image making, and given a love of fantasy and beautiful light, Kitfox set about consuming as much information as he could regarding the technicalities of those attractive aesthetics, and was quite satisfied for a time to make ‘pretty pictures’. The draw of advertising and fine art photography came from the discovery of a greater fulfilment in relating a concept, and to connect with people on multiple levels. To inspire a feeling, more than to show a technical achievement, Kitfox continues his creative development on the path to perspective.



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