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APA New York is the Northeast regional chapter of American Photographic Artists (APA) the country’s leading non-profit advocate for commercial photographers. We organize events, negotiate benefits for our members, hold seminars, promote our members’ work, organize photo contests, and much more.

APA’s mission is Successful Photographers.

Our goal is to establish, endorse and promote professional practices, standards, and ethics in the photographic community. We seek to mentor, motivate, educate and inspire in the pursuit of excellence. Our aim is to champion and speak as one common voice for image-makers to the photographic industry in the United States and the World.

If you are a professional/emerging/aspiring/student photographer based in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, get in touch and find out how joining APA|NY can help you and your business. Find out more about the benefits and requirements of joining HERE

Board of Directors

Travis Keyes, Chairman Emeritus (he/him)

Portrait, Fashion, Travel & Social Media Branding Photographer

Host of Open Talk, Influencer/ tutorial creator for Adobe, Sony Shooter

Having forged his path into the world of photography after a career in nightlife and entertainment, Travis brought that sharp and unique aesthetic to his photography. Discovering a new sense of happiness and fulfillment in his work, he founded Travis W Keyes Photography and EventsOne photography in 2014. He has been focused on growing his business, craft, and client list ever since. With a quick look at his work (a who's who in fashion and celebrities), one can see why he is always in high demand.

Jack Deutsch, Treasurer (he/him)

A year off before medical school turned into a 40+ year career in photography when Chicagoan Jack Deutsch came to New York.  Honed through years of experience Jack’s keen photographer’s eye and problem-solving skills have served clients large and small, from capturing the elegance of Geoffrey Beene’s haute couture to the story of a rescued animal at the ASPCA.

Ashe Husein, Board Member (he/him)

Ashe Husein is a photographer and educator who has spent his life balancing between countries, cultures, and professions, it is only fitting that Ashe’s artistic style also be defined by the in-between moments. While Ashe was previously a primarily landscape and street photographer, what originated as hesitant dabbling with portraiture has now culminated with collaborations with New York’s most talented ballerinas and the discovery of his unique talent for capturing what Ashe refers to as “the unexpected in the expected.”. Ashe attributes his work’s documentary-style tinge to how he got his start in photography — taking photographs for his high school yearbook — in one of the Middle East’s most notorious conflict zones. Capturing what Ashe described as “a pretty normal high school experience” in a region primarily photographed for its conflicts stoked his passion for capturing prevalent subject matter in a personal and more positive light.

Paul O'Malley, Board Member (he/him)

Paul O'Malley is a seasoned advertising professional and passionate photographer based in New York. With over 20 years in the marketing industry, Paul has successfully navigated the dynamic advertising landscape, running a prominent agency in the city. His extensive experience has shaped his unique perspective on both business and art.

As a photographer, Paul is known for his agnostic approach and affinity for street photography. He captures everyday scenes that evoke deep emotional connections, reflecting the subtle nuances of solitude and emotion. This thematic focus extends his personality, offering a window into the contemplative and introspective aspects of human experience.

Paul's work has been celebrated in national and international group shows and solo exhibitions in New York. His ability to find beauty and significance in ordinary moments has resonated with a diverse audience, earning him recognition in the art community.

As a board member of the APA, Paul is dedicated to fostering a sense of community among members. He is committed to inspiring innovative ways to bring photographers together and creating opportunities for collaboration and mutual support within the organization.

Evy Brain, Board Member (she/her)

Evy Brain is an aspiring fashion, portrait and event photographer with a passion for experimental photography.

With her desire to gain hands-on experience, she has photo assisted on commercial and advertising photo shoots for a long list of commercial brands in both New York and Los Angeles while simultaneously working towards her BFA in Photography at Parsons School of Design.

Over the past few years she has acted in a number of roles in the entertainment industry. As a Line Producer, Production Coordinator and Production Manager, she has seen through numerous commercial photoshoots and music videos as well as social media content. As a Site Representative she has facilitated many productions, photoshoots and events and has built creative relationships with artists and directors.

While she loves to be on the move and connect with the city and its people through her lens, she  finds comfort in getting lost in the darkroom distilling the captured stories and emotions into evocative images.

William King, Board Member (he/him)

As a young man William King’s freelance studio photography earned him numerous creative awards from various publications and design groups. Based in New York City, King worked as a freelance Photographic illustrator, photographing book jackets for major book publishing companies, story illustrations for magazines, and pharmaceutical advertising photography. King worked as a still photographer on TV and film production assignments for such clients as Irish Spring Soap, Movado Watch, Coke, Diet Pepsi, American Express, Tide, Hanes Underwear, Noxzema, Gillette and Fruit and Fiber.

King’s documentary photography draws its inspiration from years of production still photography, and a passion for story telling. King has been able to build upon his creative skills as a photographer while earning his Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography degree from New York’s prestigious School of Visual Arts, and one lucky summer he gotto teach Professional Preparation at Center Collegeof Design in Pasadena, California. William plans on pursuing a photographic and teaching currier intertwining digital photography with education. 


Deborah Gilbert, Regional Director for APA-NY,  (She/Her)

Deborah is an award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Parade, and many other publications around the world. For over twenty years she utilized art fairs to market her work. Before that, she was a Photo Editor at Image Bank and a clown with Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Circus (all jobs that are more alike than they are different!) She began producing large-scale and small-scale charity events in high school, and since that time expanded into experiential marketing events, and has produced over twelve hundred events of every description for both non-profit organizations and for companies. Her favorite side hustle is writing articles and cheeky episode recaps of British TV shows for PBS Thirteen-WNET, and she publishes the free photography e-newsletter, Develop.  

American Photographic Artists

American Photographic Artists (APA) is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit association for professional photographers.

The American Photographic Artists is a leading national organization run by and for professional photographers. With a culture that promotes a spirit of mutual cooperation, sharing and support, APA offers outstanding benefits, educational programs and essential business resources to help its members achieve their professional and artistic goals. Headquartered in Santa Fe, NM with chapters in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Charlotte, the Northwest and Washington, DC, APA strives to improve the environment for photographic artists and clear the pathways to success in the industry. Recognized for its broad industry reach, APA continues to expand benefits for its members and works to champion the rights of photographers and image-makers worldwide.

Members include professional photographers, photo assistants, educators, and students.  We also welcome professionals engaged in fields associated with photography, advertising, or visual arts but who themselves are not professional photographers. Membership types can be found HERE, frequently asked questions HERE.


APA began in 1981 as Advertising Photographers of America. In June 2010, the name was changed to American Photographic Artists the reflect the growing diversity of our membership.

Our founding members, educated through the school of hard-knocks, started APA with the vision of mentoring the next generation of visual communicators. Now in our fourth decade, APA provides the tools that help members navigate the complex world of commercial photography and run a smarter, more creative and profitable business.

Original board members included; Russell Kirk, John Pilgreen, Michael Raab, Larry Robins, Jim Salzano, Steve Steigman, Bill Stetner and Michael Weinberg. In June 2010, the name was changed to reflect its growing need for a moniker that more accurately represents is current and future membership. Whether one is an advertising photographer, editorial, fine art, landscape, architectural shooter, or any kind of photographer, affiliate or assistant whose commerce is the uniquely crafted image, then American Photographic Artists, still known as APA, is the organization which aspires to support your success in the photographic arts.

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