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Fri 11th Feb, 2022

Posted by Chairman APA/NY in Professional, Student

Wrapped: Vacuum-sealed Humans by Haruhiko Kawaguchi
Published Feb 3, 2022

Japanese photographer and artist Haruhiko Kawaguchi wraps couples, families, structures and vehicles in sealed plastic bags to represent connection and unity.

“I want to express love through my work—because everything in the world is based on love.”

“People who love each other are instinctively attracted to each other, and they hope to become one. To represent this power of love, I have photographed couples vacuum-sealed—a project that I called ‘Flesh Love Returns.’

"For that, I shot the couples at their most important places. They decided on the location and I decided on the best angle there. Some couples chose their own room, some choose the workplace where they first met, and some chose a restaurant where they had their very first date.”

— Haruhiko Kawaguchi



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