Mar. 25 - The Holistic Photographer ReBoot and ReBalance

Thu 25th Mar, 2021 – 7:00pm

Posted by APA New York


Suggested Donation: $10


We are thrilled to announce the second session of our monthly series: The Holistic Photographer: ReBoot and ReBalance in 2021!

As photographers we often find ourselves physically and creatively exhausted and tend to neglect taking great care of ​us ​while we are dedicated to our clients and talent in front of the camera. This series will focus on how we can nurture and heal the physical and mental strains while working long hours and in challenging conditions. During these interactive sessions you will learn from a variety of health experts about new modes of self-care and how to build healthy habits around your body, mind, and soul.

Please join March Daigle and APA for a live strength workout and an exciting Q + A about how to integrate strength, stability, and mobility into your lives to feel more balanced.

Equipment needed: Dumbbells or anything of weight (ex. canned food or wine bottles)

About the Instructor

Marc Daigle is personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and  coach. He truly believes that movement is medicine and we should cherish what our bodies our capable of, no matter your current physical capacity. Marc brings an outgoing and fun approach to fitness, making it accessible to all.

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