Apr. 27 - Lightroom Skill Challenges

Mon 27th Apr, 2020 – 5:00pm

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Join us for a live, 1 hour webinar with Lightroom Guy as they demo 2 skills in Lightroom Classic. 
In this first session, we will learn how to:
- Use the Compare tool and Before/After features
- Use the local adjustment tools (Radial, Gradient, Brush) for burning/dodging

The Compare tool is a Library module feature that helps us choose our best/strongest work. In the Develop module, the Before/After tool helps us achieve our goals for how we want our photos to ultimately looks.
In the Develop module, the local adjustment tools can help us bring out details or enhance the look of a photo. These tools are powerful and easy to use, once you understand some techniques on how best to use them.
Participants do not need to have Lightroom Classic installed can simply follow along with the demo. For those that want to follow along, or to practise after, all of the files used for the demo will be shared with the participants. The webinar will be recorded for later viewing and reference.
For more information or to contact the presenters, please visit:

About the Presenters

As professional photographers with decades of digital experience, D.A. and David have a wide range of photographic and computer support skills. As working professionals, during the pandemic, they provide expert online support for digital photography to their local and global client base. They are also both APA Members.




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