APA at Le Book Connections Jan 28, 2021

Mon 18th Jan, 2021

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Creative directors, art directors, broadcast, print, digital, content producers are invited to attend this virtual event.  

January 28, 2021  9:00 am-6:00pm Eastern time (as if we are all in  New York that day)

Apologies to photographers - only people who hire photographers can RSVP to attend, but know that we are there representing you!  

APA members be sure to update your on online profile with us on Hire an APA Pro (not already on our site? Join starting at just $50 annually)

Virtual edition of the 2020 APA Sourcebook and 2020 APA Awards will be provided to all attendees. 

Our virtual booth will be manned by National Executive Director, Juliette Wolf-Robin, and APA New York Board members - Travis Keyes, Claudia Paul, and Jeremy Lips 

Here is a video of images from the APA New York Board (One Minute)  



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