Congratulations to the Winners of the 2020 APA Awards!!

Sun 13th Sep, 2020

Posted by Chairman APA/NY in Awards

Best in Show Jacob Watts

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Architecture / Interiors

Left to Right:

First Place: Jean Bai
Second Place: Thorsten Von Overgaard
Third Place: Tim Griffith

Beauty / Fashion

Left to Right:

First Place: Dorit Thies
Second Place: Nick Eucker
Third Place: Michelle Terris

Celebrity / Musicians

Left to Right:

First Place: Elisabeth Caren
Second Place: Joe Pugliese
Third Place: Art Streiber

Conceptual / Altered

Left to Right:

First Place: Nicky Hamilton
Second Place: Lennette Newell
Third Place: Dora Duan

Corporate / Industrial

Left to Right:

First Place: Shawn Fender
Second Place: Doug Menuez
Third Place: Andy Mahr

Created During Covid (Images made after 3/1/20)

Left to Right:

First Place: Brooke Hummer
Second Place: Aurelie Graillot
Third Place: Colleen Chrzanowski

Documentary / Photojournalism

Left to Right:

First Place: Amy Gaskin
Second Place: Yusuke Suzuki
Third Place: Stephen Voss

Food / Still Life

Left to Right:

First Place: Justin Paris
Second Place: Laurie Frankel
Third Place: Powell Jordano


Left to Right:

First Place: John Blais
Second Place: Brooke Hummer
Third Place: Dominic Episcopo

Nature / Animals

Left to Right:

First Place: Andy Lerner
Second Place: Hillary Maybery
Third Place: Lennette Newell

Personal Projects

Left to Right:

First Place: John Blais
Second Place: Jim Lustenader
Third Place: Mia Depaola


Left to Right:

First Place: Daniel Korzeniewski
Second Place: TJ Kirkpatrick
Third Place: Barry Harley

Sports / Adventure

Left to Right:

First Place: Ryan Duclos
Second Place: Todd Glaser
Third Place: Damien Noble Andrews

Travel / Landscape

Left to Right:

First Place: Scarlett Freund
Second Place: Jeremiah Gilbert
Third Place: Markku Lahdesmaki



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