Call for Submissions: Member Projects

Sun 20th Dec, 2020

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Greetings Chapter Members,

As we are getting near to closing out this crazy year, we hope this finds you staying healthy and feeling creative!  

Our APA New York chapter board has been working on several new projects to get our members’ work in front of the decision makers who can hire you for gigs, and we are writing to you today with news of these projects that are aimed at helping you showcase your best work. We hope you will all participate! 

What?: These projects range from a trade show for the art buyers and creative directors who are looking for photographers, (where we will have a booth), to profiles of members and their work, and more. We are also putting together a special zine of members’ work, that will serve as a source book, that we’ll be sending out as a followup to those art buyers.  With all these projects, we will be able to showcase both still images and video submissions - and we would like you to submit your best work. This is where the power of the community of APA comes in to play; with each member who submits great work, each project becomes more compelling and effective for all. We want each of these promotional projects to kick ass on your behalf, and if you submit your work, they can!

Who may join in?: Participating in these opportunities is FREE to all APA New York chapter members who have joined at either the Professional or Leader levels.

How do I participate?: Please submit your work to our chapter DropBox as follows:Video: A completed and clean video that is under 3-minutes in length.Stills (a project or series): Please send your still images as a PDF.

Where do I submit?: Dropbox. Please make sure to rename your file(s) to FirstLast_#:

Deadline: For our first rollout, the deadline is January 3rd. Due to some of the projects, we’ll need this to be a hard deadline.

We look forward to seeing all your fabulous submissions come in, so we can show all the decision makers in our industry just what our members can do!  If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you!

P.S. - If you are a member who joined at the Associate, Supporter or Contributor levels, you can switch up your membership to participate in this. Please just let us know.

Thank you!



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