Sep 21: The Healthy Photographer - Keeping Your Health in Focus

Mon 21st Sep, 2015 – Tue 22nd Sep, 2015

Posted by Michael Seto Photography

Long days, lugging tons of equipment, constantly moving and bending, loads of stress, grabbing a snack when you can, hours of sitting at the this any way to live? Well, YES! If you're a photographer that's a normal day!

Few of us ever think about the possible health risks that come from years of poor work habits, but professional photographer and yoga instructor, Sofia Negron, does and she wants to help you learn ways to increase your enjoyment and extend the longevity of your career.

Join us on September 21st for an interactive wellness seminar and learn the tricks, tips and techniques that will lead to a more fulfilling and pain-free career.

Our panel of experts will talk about proper nutrition and demonstrate proper ways to carry gear, move, shoot and edit. Learn ways to prevent injuries in the first place and how to recover faster when something does go wrong. Build a routine for physical success to match your creative ingenuity. 

Please bring a yoga mat (if you have one) and comfortable clothes that you can move in.

The Healthy Photographer will be held at the brand new Chelsea rental studio 20/20 Kre8tivHAüS STüDiO at 20 West 20th Street, studio 604. 

As an added bonus, any APA Member can get a 15% discount on a 1st time full-day rental if you book the time before October 15th.

Click here to sign up.

Brought to you by The Healthy Photographer, Moss Wellness, and The Co Pilates



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