July 30 - Rock Scissors PAPER

Thu 30th Jul, 2020 – 7:00pm–8:30pm

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join us for a new speaker series from APA|Hahnemühle
Rock Scissors PAPER
From Screen to Print | matching color for fine art printing | with Tony Morella
Thursday July 30th 7pm

In this first of an onging series of speakers and topics, Tony Morella will discuss taking the digital file from screen to print and matycxhing color in the process. Tony is the owner and operator of Digital Editions Atelier, a fine art print studio, combines his photo history background with his 30 years of technical experience working for three major manufacturers of photographic papers and his past 10 years of experience printing for artists and photographers. He has created a presentation which explains what Art Papers are, their history of use for printing and why you should use them in an age where everyone with a cell phone is a photographer. Included is the aesthetics of these art papers and how to get the most out of them while producing unique looks which will set your images apart in this competitive market place.





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