May 26 - Lightroom Skill Challenges

Tue 26th May, 2020 – 5:00pm–6:30pm

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Join us for a live, one hour webinar with Lightroom Guy as they demo two skills in Lightroom Classic. In this second session they will …

- Demystify the process of keywording,including how to use the basic Keyword tools in the Library module, and
- Demonstrate how to use Erase Brush as part of using the local adjustment tools

Kewording is one of those things that everyone seems to feel they should be doing more of, but most people don’t have a grasp of the basics! In this part of the webinar, we will demystify what you should be doing and how you should do it.

Building on the previous webinar, in this session we will demonstrate how to use Erase Brush to further enhance using the local adjustment tools to select precise areas of a photo for adjustment.

Participants don’t need to have Lightroom Classic installed and can simply follow along with the live demo. For those who do want to follow along live, or to practice after, all of the files used for the demo will be shared with the participants, via the Lightroom Guy blog. The webinar will be recorded for later viewing and reference.

For more information or to contact the presenters, please visit:

To review a recording of April 27, 2020 webinar, you can find the video here on the APA YouTube Channel:




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