2012 APA|NY Photo contest Winners

Tue 02nd Dec, 2014

Posted by Tony Gale Photography in Exhibits & Contests Gallery

You can see all the winning images on Dripbook here!

Grand Prize Winner: Erin Audry

Action + Adventure + Sports
1st Place: Sue Ratcliffe
2nd Place: J. Michael Tucker
3rd Place: Mary F. Calvert

Architecture + Landscape
1st Place: Zoe Wetherall
2nd Place: Robert DeRosa
3rd Place: Zoe Wetherall

Fashion + Beauty
1st Place: Aleya Lehmann Bench
2nd Place: Brian Cummings
3rd Place: Yutaka Kawachi

People + Lifestyle
1st Place: Marek Glaser
2nd Place: Tamara Reynolds
3rd Place: Gregory Costanzo

Food + Still Life
1st Place: Paul Van Hoy
2nd Place: Monica Stevenson
3rd Place: Beth Galton

1st Place: Samantha Isom
2nd Place: Bart Babinski
3rd Place:  Tyler Long

1st Place: Erin Audry
2nd Place: Mariana Becker
3rd Place: Erin Audry



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