Jan. 17 - #SmallClaimsDay

Tue 16th Jan, 2018 – Fri 19th Jan, 2018

Posted by APA New York

Call to action is now - support the creative community!

APA and other organizations have been instrumental in the process of bringing copyright reform legislation to Congress and now it's time for a massive grassroots support campaign.

We need your support of the CASE Act - #H.R.3945

Please ask your representative to cosponsor the CASE Act  - #H.R.3945

It’s easy. Add your name here and a letter will go out on your behalf:

Or Here:
Ask your family, friends, and peers to do the same.
This bill will help provide individual creators – such as photographers, illustrators, writers, and musicians – the ability to bring cases without the expense and complexity of Federal Court.
Push it out on social media using hashtags:


The Copyright Alliance Small Claims Working Group has declared January 17th,  #SmallClaimsDay

Sample Tweets:

#Creators experience #copyright infringement every day. If you are one of these creators or a friend of the creative community, #UniteForCopyright on January 17 #SmallClaimsDay, and ask your representative to cosponsor #HR3945 http://copyrightalliance.org/get-involved/add-your-voice/
Support the #creative community by asking your representative to cosponsor #HR3945 on January 17, #SmallClaimsDay! Write or call them to ask for their support!  http://copyrightdefense.com/action

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Read more: http://apanational.org/advocacy/entry/small-step-for-copyright-giant-step-for-creators-the-case-act/

The Freedom Statue on the Capitol Dome - photo by Ron Jautz

The Freedom Statue on top of the Capitol Dome - photo by Ron Jautz

Please contact your Congressperson in support of the CASE Act, it's to your benefit and the benefit of all photogrpahers.

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